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Just like a bank account that safeguards all your liquid cash, an online Demat Account holds all your financial securities in safe custody. When you open a Demat Account with any SEBI registered stock broker and do any transaction such as buying a share, the shares bought are held in the depositories. There are two functional depositories in India namely - the Central Depository Services Limited aka CDSL and the National Depository Services Limited or NDSL. These depositories hold shares in an electronic format, in your dematerialised account. You can hold equities, mutual funds, bonds , exchange traded funds (ETFs) and invest in IPOs (initial public offerings) seamlessly in one-click through your Demat Account .

One of the most highlighting benefits of having an online demat account is - paperless receipts. The dematerialisation of receipts has made it easy for investors and traders to trade at real-time. There is no stress of keeping hold of thousands of receipts and producing them each time you want to trade and invest in the stock market. You can buy shares and hold them for a long period of time in electronic format in your demat account. The dashboard helps you to track your positions 24 by 7. Intraday trading has now become a profession thanks to real-time execution of the buy and sell orders. By opening an online Demat Account you can scale your investments and diversify your portfolio by investing in a variety of stock market trading products ranging from equities to non-convertible debentures (NCDs).

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I would like to open Trading and Demat Account with 蚂蚁电竞官网 Financial Services Ltd (MOFSL) and give my consent to open the same through online mode. I'm ok with MOFSL sending me promotional communications for any offerings on my registered mobile number through Call, email, SMS, Whatsapp or any other medium even if I'm registered under DND.
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